What is a YOU-TUBE business?


Is a business making videos and placing them on YouTube, to make money. There are many different ways to make money on YouTube.




1. Upload recordings of presentations.

2. Share Ideas based on your knowledge base.

3. Create short videos of valuable tips.

4. Interview an expert.

5. Turn your podcasts into videos.

6. Engage with the YouTube communities to make connections.

7. Enhance your videos using YouTube’s special features.

8. Record important meetings, to share with others.

9. Marketing and Advertising

10. Set up a channel to reflect your brand.

11. Choose a user name that reflects your brand .

12. Add your channel URL to marketing .

13. Post customer testimonials .

14. Put together a video explaining your product or service.

15. Show your product in action .

16. Show someone using your services.

17. Promote your events .

18. Introduce yourself.

19. Take viewers on a tour of your business.

20. Ask others to use your product in their videos.