What is Yoga?


Yoga dates back more than 5,000 years in India. Yoga is a group of practices that include: physical, mental, spiritual. Yoga mean to join together. Yoga is practiced in different way and forms around the world today. Yoga is built on 3 structures: exercise, breathing, and meditation. There are hundred of different types of yoga. Yoga predates written history. Yoga can be practiced by most adults of any age and physical condition. There are differences of opinions about the safety for children, so do your research.


38 Health Benefits of Yoga


1. Improves flexibility


2. Builds muscle strength


3. Helps your posture


4. Prevents cartilage / joint breakdown


5. Protects your spine


6. Bone health


7. Increases blood flow


8. Boosts immunity


9. Increases heart rate


10. Drops blood pressure


11. Regulates adrenal glands


12. Elevates your mood


13. Healthy lifestyle


14. Lowers blood sugar


15. Helps your focus


16. Relaxes Body


17. Improves balance


18. Maintains nervous system


19. Releases tension


20. Helps Insomnia


21. Boosts immune system function


22. Helps to improve breathe


23. Prevents digestive problems


24. Gives peace of mind


25. Increases self-esteem


26. Eases pain


27. Gives inner strength


28. Helps social skills


29. Helps keep you drug free


30. Builds awareness


31. Helps relationships


32. Uses sounds to soothe inner peace


33. Guides your body’s healing mind’s eye


34. Keeps allergies/ viruses at bay


35. Helps you serve others


36. Encourages self care


37. Supports connective tissue


38. Uses the placebo effect to affect change



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