Tiny Home Living



What is Tiny Home Living?

Tiny Home living is a social movement that inspires people to live in smaller homes and simpler lifestyle. Tiny homes are usually under 500 square feet in size, but really do come in any size you choose to live in. People are deciding to have smaller houses so they have more freedom and money to do the things they love, spend time with family and even travel taking their homes with them. The best thing is you can customize your tiny home to your families needs and dreams for the future.


The cost of a tiny home can range from nothing to over $100,000. Cost depends on many things like: size, materials used, design, interior, details and basically anything money can buy. Keeping cost down can be done by using reclaimed materials, sale items, doing work yourself, donations, only limited by your imagination.



  • Can travel with your home
  • Can build on small budget
  • Never worry about moving again, take your home with you
  • Environmentally friendly living
  • Energy efficient
  • Can declutter your lives
  • Spend little money on decorations
  • Spend less time cleaning
  • Stay organized easy because of small space




  • Hard to find builder
  • Legal issues may arise in some parts of the country
  • Must keep clean because of small space
  • Need Truck to move tiny home
  • Less living space
  • Small kitchens
  • Bathroom options
  • Water options
  • Small living area