RV/Camper Living



What is RV/Camper Living?

RV/Camper living is were you live in a RV or Camper full-time. There are thousands of people around the world choosing a simpler lifestyle full of freedom and adventure.

Different Types of RV/Campers

There are thousands of different types and sizes of RV and Campers. It’s best to do your research of the size and design that fits your families needs. It’s important to remember your needs will be different living full-time in the RV compared to vacations. Things like closet size, function of kitchen to fix meals, dining table, bedrooms, parking ability and much more.


There is an RV/Camper for everyone’s price range. From used to brand new, they can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s important to do your research and don’t give up looking for one that fits your price range and needs.



  • Bring your home, while you travel
  • Save money, no morgage
  • energy efficient
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Spend quality time with family
  • Less stress
  • Easy to move to new location, when you want a new view
  • More laid back lifestyle
  • Live simple
  • Change decorations easy and cheap




  • Small kitchens
  • Bathrooms tight
  • No permanent home location
  • Close space with others
  • Promotes outdoor healthy lifestyle
  • No utility bills
  • Meet new people as you travel the world
  • Must clean often
  • No permanent location
  • Small space to keep thing you want and need