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Valerian Root


Scientific Name: Valerian officinalis

Common Names: St. George’s Herb, Set Well, Vandal Root, Amantilla

Family: Valerianaceae

Part Used: Root

Habitat: native to Western Europe, Asia, North America

Benefits: insomnia, reduce stress, anxiety

CAUTION: Avoid if pregnant




Scientific Name: Vanilla planifolia Syn. Myrobroma fragrans (Salisbury); V. fragrans

Common Names: Vanilla

Family: Orchidaceae

Part Used: Fruit (bean)

Habitat: Native to South America, West Indies

Benefits: flavoring, aroma, improve digestion




Scientific Name: Verbena hastata, V. officinalis

Common Names: Wild Hyssop, Simpler’s Joy, Herb of the cross

Family: Verbenaceae

Part Used: Leaves, flower heads

Habitat: United States, Canada

Benefits: liver issues, depression, pain, headaches, colds, fever, congestion, expectorant

CAUTION: avoid during pregnancy

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