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Scientific Name: Turnera diffusa Syn

Common Names: Damiana

Family: Turneraceae

Part Used: Leaf

Habitat: native to Mexico, South America. Grows in dry sandy and rocky places

Benefits: aphrodisiac, boost mental focus, stamina, stimulates blood flow to genital area/increasing sensitivity

CAUTION: Avoid if pregnant, induces abortion




Scientific Name: Taraxacum officinale

Common Names: Lions tooth, blow ball, fairy clock, wet weed, priests Crown

Family: Asteraceae

Part Used: Leaves, flowers, root

Habitat: native to Europe, Asia, but grow everywhere

Benefits: diuretic, detox, breast inflammation, digestive problems, stimulate milk flow, eye problems, diarrhea, fever




Scientific Name: Liatris odoratissima

Common Names: Deers Tongue, Vanilla Leaf. Wild Vanilla

Family: Asteraceae

Habitat: Native to North America

Benefits: used to flavor tobacco

CAUTION: Contains blood thinner coumarin




Scientific Name: Harpagophytum procumbens

Common Names: Devil’s Claw, grapple plant, wood spider

Family: Pedaliceae

Part Used: root

Habitat: Native to desert regions South Africa. In these parts of the world, devil’s claw has historically been used to treat a wide range of conditions including fever, malaria, and indigestion.

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, fever, malaria, pain, digestive aids, osteoarthritis, gout

CAUTION: may interfere with blood pressure, heart, diabetes medications




Scientific Name: Anethum graveolens

Common Names: Dill

Family: Apiaceae

Part Used: seeds, herb, oil

Habitat: Native of the Mediterranean, grown in well drained soil with full sun

Benefits: gas pains, bloating, increase mothers milk, colic baby


Dong Quai


Scientific Name: Angelica sinensis

Common Names: Dang gui, tang-kuei, danggui, Chinese angelica

Family: Apiaceae

Part Used: Root

Habitat: native to China, Japan

Benefits: menstrual cycle disorders, heavy bleeding, menstruation pain, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings, PMS

CAUTION: Never take Dong Quai if pregnant could cause miscarriage

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