What is Hellerwork Therapy?


Hellerwork is a therapy that engages the human body. Hellerwork focuses on the through function, movement, emotion and energy throughout the body. This therapy is broke down to three components: Bodywork, Movement education and Dialogue. Hellerwork therapy connects body movement, body alignment, body balance, energy, and ones personal awareness. Hellerwork can be effective in helping to ease pain and other health issues. This therapy focuses on bring balance to the body. Hellerwork therapy is broke down into a series of 11 sessions. The goal is to become aware and understand the structure of your own body. Bodywork is used reorganization connective tissues and muscles. Through this process one can try and achieve the healthiest body state. The more you learn about how your body work and how you can change your movements to improve your health the better.

Three Components


1. Bodywork

The process of body movement to release tension and rigidity. The goal is to improved posture, flexibility, ease suffering and help improve ones overall wellness.


2. Movement Education

Movement education assist a person in becoming aware of their body movement habits. And guides you through the process of finding healthier choices in movement to improve your overall health and balance.


3. Dialogue

Having a good dialogue with your practitioner helps you recognize patterns that cause tension in your body. It gives you insights on what influences your emotions and body’s well being. In dialogue you learn the best ways to deal with stress’s in your life.


Additional Information