Sell your fruits, vegetables,herbs, honey, jam or anything from your farm at your local farmers market




Do Market Research

Visit your local farmers market and research what is being sold and what is missing. Visit the market at different times and days, to see when the market is busy. Talk to the vendors at the market and learn how they got started and what they needed to do. Get a feel for the market and see if it’s something you may enjoy doing.


Learn Farmers’-Market Rules

Research what the rules are at your local market. Find out the cost and hour of operation. The more information you have the more successful you will be. Get a copy of the rules if available and study them, then ask questions as needed.


Start Small

It’s best to start small and work your way to a bigger booth. Once you learn what is selling, you can increase those products. Try not to invest to much money at first. Give a try for a few months before you make a yearly commitment.


Identify Your Niche

Find your niche at the market. Find what works for you and try not to sell what everyone else is selling. Specialize in something that no one else has. Also, be creative when it come to packaging your products.


Design Your Stand

Design your booth or stand ahead of time. Make it unique so it stands out from the other booths. Use colorful tablecloths, signs and labels.


Get Organized

Plan ahead on how you will set up your booth, package goods, transport everything, cost, selling prices and and your business will run better. Make sure you have something to keep your money and give change. Have bags or boxes to place products when they are bought. What will you wear? Make custom shirts with your business name on them. Make sure you look professional and you will do great.


Be Personally Prepared

Make sure your take food and water to get through the day. Also, make sure you get enough sleep the night before so you feel alert and ready to go.


Build Relationships

Once you have set up your booth/business at the market, share information about your business with your customers. Connect with other people at the market, to do business between each other. them with where and how your items were raised. Bring in photos and your favorite recipes. Connect with other farmers at the market.