Earth Homes



What is a Earth Home ?

An Earth Home is a home that uses natural resources for building materials for the home. Earth home can be made of a variety of natural material and use natural as the guide to building. Earth homes have been lived in since the beginning of time, like caves, sod homes, homes built into cliffs and hills. When thinking of building a earth home do your research and build what best fits your lifestyle goals.


The cost of an Earth Home can vary greatly depending of the natural resources you use to build your home. Natural resources can be found free and reclaimed materials can also cut cost of building. Earth home cost is completely up to you and your budget.

Materials Used


  • Bags of dirt
  • Bamcoo
  • Clay
  • Grass
  • Cobb
  • Mud bricks
  • Sandbag
  • Straw
  • Caves
  • Earth cement
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Compressed Earth blocks




  • Climate control
  • Low maintenance
  • Cheap
  • Storm resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmental friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Can build in any location
  • Very secure




  • Hard to insure
  • Water control
  • Insects
  • Sunlight, may be dark if windows not used
  • Hard work to build, back breaking work
  • Must use the correct materials
  • Can be very expensive to build