Detox Your Body




What does detoxing your body mean?


Detoxification is when one removes unwanted toxins and materials from ones body. The goal of detoxing is to improve the overall function of you body, increase the body immunity, increase energy levels and so much more. It gives the body a fresh start, a way to reset its self.

Different Methods to Naturally Detox Your Body


  1. Replace a meal daily with a detox smoothie
  2. Eat organic foods
  3. Get a massage
  4. Drink 8 glasses of water daily
  5. Drink green tea instead of coffee
  6. Get in more exercise and sweat it out
  7. Give acupuncture a shot
  8. Fast for a couple days
  9. Get plenty of sleep each night
  10. Avoid environmental toxins
  11. Use probiotics to get rid of the bad bacteria and welcome in the good kind
  12. Try yoga and meditation
  13. Eats superfoods each meal
  14. Cut out simple carbohydrates, white sugar, flour, and fried foods
  15. Decrease stress in your life
  16. Try natural remedies for illness
  17. Adapt a healthy lifestyle
  18. Increase circulation by massaging pressure points and skin brushing
  19. Promote elimination through proper diet and hydration
  20. Eat a diet that is rich in whole foods and free of additives and preservatives
  21. Meditate daily
  22. Eliminate toxins like: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, processed foods
  23. Use holistic medicine
  24. Become a juicing expert
  25. Avoid smoking