Daycare centers

Running your own daycare center can be a good way to make extra money from your home. However, make sure to research the laws in your state, and what is necessary to be cost effective in your business. The point is to make money not lose it. If you love kids and have the room this might be the perfect job for you.

Getting started with a Daycare Center


  1. Assess the need for child care in your community
  2. Identify existing child-care businesses
  3. Decide whether you will operate a home-based or center-based child-care business
  4. The legal requirements to operate a home-based child-care business
  5. Make a budget
  6. Choose a name for your business
  7. Contact your county’s zoning office
  8. Prepare your facility for inspection
  9. Filling out a licensing application
  10. Obtain necessary insurance
  11. Comply with appropriate tax laws
  12. Purchase necessary equipment
  13. Hire employees
  14. Develop a marketing strategy
  15. Advertise