Container Home Living



What is Container Home Living ?

Container Homes are homes made from shipping containers. Containers come in many sizes and colors. They can be bought and delivered right to your building site. Designs for your container home are endless, and only limited to your imagination. Usually you will need help building a container home, unless you are very handy. Do your research in to the building methods before taking on this project. Containers are a great option for a fast set up and use. They can be used in any type of environment and are very sturdy.


Cost can range depending on the cost on the containers, the materials used and if you do the labor yourself or have to hire someone. It’s best to price around to get the best deal on your containers and the sizes you choose to use for your home. Prices can vary greatly so shop around to find the best deal possible. Also, the prices can vary depending on if the containers are new or used.



  • Cheap
  • Easy to build with
  • Can build anywhere you can get container delivered too
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No morgage
  • Customize to your needs and desires
  • Fast to build
  • Use reclaimed material to save money
  • Structural stable
  • Safety




  • Watch building codes and permits
  • Finding contractors with experience
  • Insulation is key, heat control can be hard
  • Stuck to the shape of the containers
  • Cutting container can be hard
  • Health hazards, whats been inside the container (clean well)
  • Used containers can have damage, dents, holes etc..
  • Limited design options