A bee keeper is someone who raises bees. You can earn money from beekeeping, but it is a lot of work. Ways of earning income from bees include: Selling honey, Royal jelly, Beeswax, Pollen and even bee colonies. To be a beekeeper you have some basic equipment, including protective clothing, equipment for honey and other things.

Types of Hives


Top-bar hives


Advantages include: light weight, adaptable, easy to harvest honey, less stressful for the bees. Disadvantages include: fragile combs, hard to expand. Top bar hives date back over 2000 years. This type of hive are usually kept by people interested in having bees in their garden, more than honey.

Horizontal frame hives


These hives have movable frames, and can be extracted. These hives can’t be expanded easily and honey must be removed 1 frames at a time.

Vertical Stackable frame hives


These type of hive is commonly used in the United States. It is opened from the top and has movable frames. This type of hive is easy to use for removing honey, since the whole box can be removed.

Protective clothing


Protective clothing for beekeepers includes: gloves, hooded suits and veiled hats. The clothing is light colored and smooth material.



Beekeepers use a smoke device to generate smoke to calm the bees.



Beekeeping and collecting honey dates back 10,000 years ago.