Salt is a mineral made of sodium and chlorine. Both of these minerals are essential for life. in animals, including humans. They help the functions of the brain and nerves to send electrical impulses. Almost all the worlds salt in the world comes from salt mines, evaporated sea water and mineral-rich waters. Salt is used for healing, cooking, flavor, preserving food and many other things.




Table salt

Table salt is created by heating natural salt, the heat destroys beneficial compounds. Experts have said that refined salt may be responsible for many health issues, but unrefined salts can heal the body.


Sea salt

This salt comes from oceans and undergoes evaporation process that separates the salt from the water.


Himalayan Pink

These salts come from sea beds in the Himalayan mountains.


Grey salt

Is from Celtic Sea. It’s hand-raked in Brittany and France. It may help restore electrolyte balance, prevent muscle cramps and ease pain.


Fleur de sel salt

Is hand harvested along the French coastline, just like gray salt. Used for flavoring and is very expensive.


6. Black salt

Black Hawaiian lava salt is unrefined and volcanic. Its black color because it contains activated charcoal in it, which is used to aid digestion and help remove toxins from the body. Another black salt called kala namak, comes from India. Both black salts are thought to healthy.


Red salt

A Hawaiian red salt that gets its color from the volcanic Hawaiian clay called alaea. The salt is trapped in tidal pools, where it mixes with the alaea.  This salt has the highest concentration of essential trace minerals of any salt.


8. Persian Blue salt

This salt is harvested from an ancient Salt Lake in Iran.


9. Smoked salt

Are used for flavoring and are made from smoking salt at low temperatures over coal.