Chronic illness is any disease that last a long period of time. Disease has a long lasting affect of the body’s function. Chronic illness can last any about of time, but also stop at any time. It’s important to know that most chronic diseases are not contagious. There are hundreds of different chronic illnesses ranging from pain to asthma. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe. Chronic illness can be a very isolating for a person. There are lots of misinformation about chronic illness and who suffer from it. Chronic illness can effect anybody at any age. Now matter what chronic illness you suffer from some thing are common among them all such has: Decrease quality of life, fatigue, difficulty with daily chores, hard time keep a job, difficulty in school, use of aids like wheelchair or oxygen, have difficulty with social skills, feels isolated from society and friends and family. Support group in person or online are a great way to get the support and understanding you need while suffer from a chronic illness. Also, there are lots of groups, organizations, community resource that may be able to help you. People suffering from chronic illness are at a higher risk of depression and suicide. Please seek help when needed, or help someone that looks like they could use a friend. One key note is not everyone that suffers from chronic illness looks like they are sick. People that live with chronic illness a long time have developed ways to look healthy .


Invisible chronic illness is any illness that can’t be seen. There are a large range of discrimination against people with invisible illnesses because they don’t always appear to look sick.



  1. Anxiety disorders
  2. Allergies
  3. Asperger Syndrome
  4. Asthma
  5. Autism
  6. Bipolar disorder
  7. Brain injuries
  8. Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
  9. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  10. Chronic pain
  11. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders
  12. Coeliac Disease
  13. Crohn’s disease
  14. Depression
  15. Diabetes
  16. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  17. Endometreosis
  18. Epilepsy
  19. Fibromyalgia
  20. Food allergies
  21. Fructose malabsorption
  22. Hereditary Fructose Intolerance
  23. Hyperhidrosis
  24. Hypoglycemia
  25. Inflammatory bowel disease
  26. Interstitial cystitis
  27. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  28. Lactose Intolerance
  29. Lupus
  30. Lyme Disease
  31. Major depression
  32. Metabolic syndrome
  33. Migraines
  34. Multiple Sclerosis
  35. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  36. Myasthenia Gravis
  37. Narcolepsy
  38. Personality disorders
  39. Primary immunodeficiency
  40. Psychiatric disabilities
  41. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  42. Repetitive stress injuries
  43. Rheumatoid arthritis
  44. Schnitzler’s Syndrome
  45. Schizophrenia
  46. Scleroderma
  47. Sjagren’s syndrome
  48. Temporomandibular joint disorder
  49. Transverse Myelitis
  50. Ulcerative Colitis




  • Detains you in the prison of your own body
  • look back at your former life with nostalgic envy
  • try to act/ look normal
  • days are never predictable
  • Wish you could do normal things like: get out of bed, brush teeth, shower, dress, walk, work.
  • Wake up every day, bracing for another day of pain and suffering
  • Wonder if today is the day you throw in the proverbial towel and just give up
  • Deal with one health crisis at a time
  • dream of the past, when you were healthy
  • 1/3 experience depression
  • 1/2 of all adults in America have one or more chronic health conditions
  • Seven of the top 10 causes of death are chronic diseases
  • 86% of health care spending is on chronic ill people
  • Tired all the time
  • In pain 24 hours a day
  • Affects appearance
  • physical limitation
  • Steals independence
  • Unable to hold job
  • financial problems
  • Ruins credit scores
  • Lost friendships
  • Lost relationships
  • Isolation from society
  • Stress, anxiety and anger
  • Feels like you have no control over your own life
  • If you don’t look sick, people don’t believe you are sick
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Feel alone in the world
  • Embarrassed
  • Unemployment
  • Have been denied SSDI/SSI more than once, or have been trying for years to get on SSDI/SSI benefits
  • Were denied disability insurance benefits from employer plans
  • Have extremely high rates of suicide
  • Changes your outlook on life
  • Stop dreaming of the future
  • Feel like a burden on their family and friends
  • Feel worthless