How many life’s do we ge...

How many life’s do we get?

How many lifes do we get?

How many chances do we get?

How many times are we aloud to start over in life?

We get as many has we have the courage and strength to chase and find!!

Do I regret things in my life??? A few years ago I would have said yes, but no longer…Every event, every person, every situation, every lover, every tear, every laugh, every dark night, every moment of joy and sadness has made me who I am today. All my life”s ups and downs has shaped into the woman I am today. My pain and suffering has taught me humanity, empathy and more than anything else compassion.

In my darkest hours I’ve learned who and what was important in life, who cared and who didn’t. It’s given me the strength to empty all the skeletons out of my closet, and forgive myself for whatever I thought I had done wrong and/or was being punished for. I was forced to find myself, the true core of who and what I am, and what and where my future should be. Finding The 100% PURE ME.

In my cocoon of isolation the last few years I’ve cleared the ruble from my collapsed life. I’ve swept clear a place to build a new stronger foundation in which to build a new life for myself. A place to start the next chapter of my life. I’ve been working hard to create a foundation from my blood, sweat and tears. And use the bricks made from all my passions, desires, dreams, education, degree’s, experiences, life lessons, skills, hidden talents, forgotten hobbies, love, laughter, hope, dreams, the desire to help heal others, the love of pen to paper, the calming effect of paint to canvas, voices calling me to distant shores, ancient markets and landscapes frozen in time. All these things I plan to use to build a new life stronger and more secure from the storms of life.

I decided I didn’t like or fit in the world I was born into and tried so hard to escape. So I came up with a plan to create a life I had always dreamed of and wished i had through hard work and never giving up on my dreams. But instead of the life I thought I had to have to fit into society’s box and to be who everyone expected me to be, I decided I needed more and no longer cared what society, so called friends, forgotten family and so called society thought I should be, but instead simply I wanted to be a pure version of just ME.

I thought because I didn’t get the life of white picket fences, big fancy homes, sport cars, designer clothes/shoes, or ever lasting love, that I was a failure a loser. I was wrong I was never either!!! My grown wise beautiful intelligent children loved me enough to constantly remind me of how far I’ve come in life, everything I had done, all my collage degree’s, all the people I’ve helped, everything I’ve overcome in life, the pain I’ve endured, the multiple chronic illness that have haunted me for decades (yet never stopping me) , my ability to help others knowing they would never return the kindness. I had more lows than high the last few years, but I always held on to my dreams feeling like someday my time would come. Thus the creation of https://www.mysticmisthealing.com/ The World’s First All-Natural Living Resource HUD.

Today I embrace all my strengths and weakness’s, knowing they both make me who I am. I’m proud of my accomplishments, has i should be and I look forward to this new journey with my Blog and other health/wellness adventures. I look forward to a simpler life closer to nature, searching for things in a more pure form. A life of embracing the unknown that is yet to come, the new friends I will make, lovers I will find, new found laughter, the foods I will eat, the cultures and lands I will explore and take others along on the journey will me. Hoping to inspire other to chase their dreams, no matter their limitations, health issues or any other obstacles they may have. One way I’m doing this is through my website https://www.mysticmisthealing.com/ Most Important I’m open to allowing myself to receive the happiness, love, laughter and fulfillment we all deserve to have.

We all have scars, whether they are seen or not, they are there. They heal and we survive but we do change and grow from them. We move forward in life whether we like it or not. The sun still rises and sets whether we are watching or not. So why not make a life you want to live, chase your dreams or at least try. Life is way to short to worry what others or society thinks of your dreams your goals, so just do it. I believe the only thing that is Important is my reflection in the mirror, and that I like that reflection. I will walk my own path even if it’s with LIPSTICK AND A CANE!!


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