Introduction to Lipstick and a...

Introduction to Lipstick and a Cane

Welcome to Lipstick and a Cane. My name is Michelle and this is my journey to find the 100% pure me. Also, please check out The World’s First All-Natural Living Resource HUB: https://www.mysticmisthealing.com/ and be inspired to heal your MIND/BODY/SOUL through natural pathways. What does that even mean? I’m not exactly sure but I’m gonna try and find out. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a 45yr old single female, with two beautiful adult children. My entire adult life has been spent taking care of everybody but myself. Since I was 17yr old I’ve taken care of children, my parents, my brother, my friends, a husband (ex lol) and my patients. I’ve worked hard and lived by society’s rules. I went to college (multiple times), now the proud holder of four college degrees. None of which I’m using at the present time. I started with a Medical Assisting Degree, then a Associate Degree in Nursing, then a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and finally a Masters Degree in Nursing: Leadership and Management. I’ve also lived with multiple chronic illness’s for the last 25 years, which I’ve tried to hide the best I could. I also followed society’s rules when comes to treating my medical issues over the years, only to find myself in a daily battle with my own body. Now I’m using more Natural Pathways to heal myself. My whole life I believed you could overcome anything if you worked hard enough and wanted it bad enough. For the most part that has been correct in my life. Spent my childhood education in special education, drop out of high school at 17 years old and now I hold a Masters Degree in Nursing. I’ve overcome things that should have killed me, should have ruined me, should have crushed my hopes and dreams. But it didn’t It made me the strong independent woman I am today. I’ve been married and divorced. I’ve raised two incredible kids. I’ve travel the world. I’ve learned to live with my Chronic Invisible Illness’s. I’ve learned more than anything I’m a survivor and it’s never to late to chase your dreams.

The past couple years have been difficult. I’ve felt lost and out of place in life, like I’m constantly searching for something. Over the years I’ve tried to eat healthy and be open to alternative health treatments available. Over time I’ve discovered there is a whole other world out there, a simpler, more natural world. A world filled with Natures Healing Miracles. The past year I decided I needed to change my life and how I live it. The more my health declined, the more I realized it was the toxic environment I had subjected my Mind, Body and Soul too. I started changing the way I thought about my food, my living environment, my job, my health problems and decided I needed to change everything. I love being a Nurse, helping people and seeing them regain there health and happiness. Now I hope to help other heal themselves through https://www.mysticmisthealing.com/. However, over the years I’ve witnessed a rise in chronic illness, as people move away from Nature and work longer hours, eat more processed foods, take more pharmacy (medications) products, take less vacations, want more technology and try to live the life society tells us we should live. I want to change that, I wanted to continue to help heal people but in a more natural way, reaching more people. Mystic Mist Healing All-Natural Living Resource HUB, is my way of helping others find alternative healing methods, lifestyle choices and All-Natural Pathways that are available to heal the MIND, BODY and SOUL.

There is so many aspects to living 100% pure (natural) lifestyle. And the journey of the 100% pure (natural) lifestyle is different for everyone. Food as medicine is not a new concept. From the beginning of time, humans have used what is found in natural to heal themselves. However, as technology advances, society has moved away from that, preferring the easier more convenient life and pills. I hope to change that concept and open the worlds eyes to more natural choices and treatments. We all believe we have more time, time to change, time to eat better, time to exercise, time for that vacation we dream of, time to chase our dreams, but how much time do we really get? Every year millions of people make New Years Resolution, but how many people really change their lives? My goal is to inspire people around the world to chase their dreams Now, change their lives NOW, eat healthier NOW, take that vacation NOW. Live the happy, healthy, fulfilled life you were meant to live NOW. Find your 100% pure lifestyle, create the life you desire. I believe when your MIND, BODY and SOUL are pure and natural you can do anything.

Through Lipstick and a Cane and Mysticmisthealing.com I will keep everyone update on my journey finding my 100% pure lifestyle and provide a resources for others looking to live a more NATURAL LIFESTYLE and CHASE THEIR DREAMS.

My goal is to find a beautiful piece of property for my farm. A place to grow my own foods, free of chemicals and toxins. A place to get off grid and live closer to nature and it’s healing wonders. I look forward to traveling and learning about different healing foods, herbs, treatments, remedies found and used around the world and passing the information I find on too all of you. Working together we all can live the 100% pure (natural) lifestyle. We can share our goals, our knowledge, our success, our failures and learn to live closer to nature. Also, we can all learn that it’s never to late to start over, to chase our dreams, to get healthy and live the life we choose to live. I hope to have the opportunity to meet everyone on my future travels. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO HEAL AND START OVER!!

I look forward to meeting everyone with similar lifestyles, goals, dreams, chronic illness’s, uses of alternative treatments and embracing food as medicine either through my blog, Mystic Mist Healing website or on the road. Drop me a line and share your story, introduce yourself, ask questions or just say HELLO. Wishing everyone the best on their personal journey to living a 100% pure ( all-natural) lifestyle and reaching their goals.


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