Illness Doesn’t Discrimi...

Illness Doesn’t Discriminate

Illness (acute or chronic) does not care which city, state or country you reside in. Without warning it attacks and shakes up life as you know it. I effects not only the one with the illness but all those that surround them. It shakes your life up as if you were living in a snow globe and someone was constantly wanting to see the snow fall upon you. Illness doesn’t care which religion you practice. It penetrates through any human at any time, whether you are: Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Pagan, Amish, Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, Sikhism, Atheist, Catholic or any other religion. It only cares that you are human and it wants to cause you pain and suffering.

Illness does not care what income bracket you fall into. It swarms and infiltrates a human’s body whether you are poor or rich. It doesn’t discriminate, no one is immune to shadow of illness that seeks to attack. However, the care one has access to can vary greatly depending your income bracket. Lower income are more at risk because of the lack of resources available to them. Whether that is nutrition, herbs, doctors, treatments and so much more. Having acute or chronic illness can bring such a financial burden to the one suffering from the illness and a burden to their support system. I believe we need more community based programs to assist individuals and their families during times of illness. Everyone should have access to all choices of health, recovery and basic living needs, while living with the shadow of chronic illness.

Illness doesn’t care what color of skin you have. It doesn’t discriminate against anyone at any time. That’s why the whole world should be able to come together to improve the lives of those suffering from illness. It will affect every family in the world at one time or another. That is a fact, no one is immune to its devastation. If we work together and help our friends, families, communities and neighbors we can change lives. Help someone by driving them to the store, mowing their lawn, bring them a meal, giving them a card, have a chat and a coffee, clean their home, do a load of wash, take their dog for a walk or anything you are capable of doing. All these things are free and only cost you your time and compassion. Trust me it makes the world of difference to someone suffering with illness. They may never ask or say they need help, because we have pride and want our Independence, but we always could use a helping hand or a friendly ear. Together we can change how the chronic illness community is viewed and treated all over the world. We are not a burden we are human.

Illness doesn’t care where you live. Whether you live on a farm, in a home, condo, RV, Mobile home, tent, apartment, mansion, castle or even homeless on the streets, illness doesn’t discriminate. It consumes whoever it wants whenever it wants. So please do not judge others because someday it could be you or someone you love. Society must remember that illness can make it unable to work, drive or care for one’s self. I person living in a mansion could be living on the streets if illness decides to show its ugly shadow in your life. Please be kind to those you see, you do not know their story. Show compassion and love to those suffering with illness and that compassion will always be rewarded in some way.

Illness doesn’t care what you education level is. Whether you dropped out of high school or have a bunch of college degrees, illness doesn’t discriminate. No matter how hard you work to have a better live for yourself and your family, the shadow of illness can still come knocking at your door. We can live healthier lifestyles to help try to prevent and lower our risk to certain illnesses, but there is no way to completely make yourself immune to illness. We all as a society can bring awareness to chronic illness and its effects. Through education we can reduce the horrible effects illness brings onto anyone suffering from it. Community programs, basic school programs, internet, you tube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so much more can give everyone around the world the opportunity to learn about healthy living, health choices, different and all health treatments, traditional medicine, alternative medicine and so much more. Everyone worldwide deserves to know what, why and how to help prevent, live with, recover from chronic illness. At some point you or a loved one will go through it, in one way or another. But if we are all educated about all the things available to help us through illness we can help create a more compassionate world. A world were those that are suffering are not discriminated against.

Illness doesn’t care what age you are. Illness doesn’t discriminate against any age, it will attack a newborn just the same as a middle age person, or an elderly person. It will seek and destroy the lives of anyone at any point of their life cycle. Society must change its views about chronic illness and who it effects. The truth is it effects every single human no matter the age anywhere in the world. The shadow of illness can fall on a crib or chase a runner, to illness a human is a human. With our age of information there is no reason why everyone doesn’t have access to any and all treatments, nutrition programs, financial assistance, housing assistance and anything else that is need while fighting the battle of their lives against any illness that would cripple life as you know it. No one is immune. The truth is if help is giving to those suffering from chronic illness in the beginning of their needs, the have a higher rate of getting healthier and returning to functioning members of society. However, when they are denied help by their governments, communities, friends, families, the effects of the chronic illnesses can cause permanent damage. So just be kind and aware that people suffering aren’t looking for free rides they are looking for help and fighting to just survive.

Over the last three decades of suffering with chronic illness I have learned and witnessed so much discrimination against people that suffer from chronic illness and how the world and society treats us. We are treated like we are lazy, like we want to be sick, like we are unhealthy because we choice to be, and so many more horrible things. If you dress nice, put on Lipstick, comb your hair, take a bath, go to the store or out to eat…People will actually say “YOU DON’T LOOK SICK” . Please never say this to anyone at any time. What does sick look like??? SICKNESS AND ILLNESS doesn’t look any certain way and it doesn’t discriminate. Please be kind and have compassion for all of humankind. Anyone at any time could find themselves in a situation where they have to live with chronic illness and fighting to just survive every day. Everyone around the world is just trying to have the best lives they are capable of, it is no different for those of us living with chronic illness. Hope everyone thinks twice before judging what they do not know and/or understand. Please check out www.mysticmisthealing.com to learn more about living a 100% PURE LIFESTYLE and improving your health, through natural pathways. Natural pathways has changes my life and I believe the can change your too. It’s all natural, what do you have to lose. I look forward to traveling the world in order to help myself and others live healthier, happier, more fulfilled natural lifestyles, as we learn to adapt and live life with our chronic illnesses … Smile and be kind, we are all capable of doing so much better for each other all over the world.


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